Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Michael IX Williams is the frontman for the influential band EYEHATEGOD. He is also an accomplished poet, his book Cancer as a Social Activity is equal parts Baudelaire and Harmony Korine. Michael took time from his hectic life to take the Rorschach Test for Blot Und Eisen.

Two Grim Reapers fighting mid-flight over a skinned and headless goat carcass.

Two decadent, tattered robe wearing, cigarette smoking acrocephalics playing patty-cake.

Highly electro-magnified dust mite in a cheap motel.

Bug's eye view of a cowboy with a Stegosaurus tail at a shootout.

Mutant Moth-man without any proper prophecy to speak of.

Exploding sepulchre with cross monument at top.

Beard of a sideshow pharmacist on display in East Cambodia.

Battered insect helmet made of chrome, thread, and wire mesh.

The Hideous Sun Demon crossbred with the original She-Creature.

Prehistoric sawfish crushed after suicidal dive off of 18th floor high rise, then ran over by an eighteen wheeler.


  1. That's some twisted funny right there.

  2. This is a fucking awesome Idea for a blog. It's ultra interesting. Thumbs up Aesop.

  3. I will never understand why people think this guy is brilliant. Just another pathetic junkie wearing the emperor's new clothes.

  4. @Anonymous - just shut the fuck up, you understand shit. go listen to your MTV-Britney Spears music in your wonderful ponyworld. f*cking hippster - eat your Ipod!

  5. This made me smile :) He's got a dark humor about him.

  6. Anon 1, how d'you know whether Anon 2 lives in a ponyworld or has an iPod to eat? You're right about their shite perceptions though.