Friday, March 6, 2009


Do I really need to introduce Fenriz, one of the founding members of the most influential Black Metal band of all time? Anyways, Fenriz was gracious enough to take time out from hiking and hanging out in Haiger to take the Rorschach test for Blot Und Eisen. Here's his replies:

a fox, but not just any fox; the fox that's on the norwegian rolling tobacco pouch "EVENTYRBLANDING" (maybe one can google it)

GROTTO (cave) after 1 milisec. a STUPID painting of a sad demon (2 sec), a butterfly (6 sec), 2 men arguing (after 20 sec, i didn't look this long on the others)

a crab (the sea creature)

a giant (Goliath?)

a nerdy looking bird

Some sort of weapon/security tower. the bottom half didn't give me any instant association directly, it just backed up the ominous tower. so no direct association other than it was under ground/in the soil/the soil itself

germany (twisted map of)

alien skeleton (1 sec). the bit that made me think of a skeleton then looked like a uterus after like 4 seconds.

War machine, wasn't immediate. the very top structure is much like Away's (VOIVOD) early structures, or the top of our very own logo (darkthrone)

a sign of arms, like what you's see on a mideaval shield. then i see a large lying animal fur (like in front of the fire place stylee) in the middle, and gargoyle-like dragons at each side.

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