Friday, March 6, 2009


Melynda Jackson is the guitarist and ringleader of cult neo-prog instrumentalists SubArachnoid Space. She so graciously took time from sonically blowing minds to take the Rorschach test. Here' are her replies:

this is a pelvis, vaguely skeletal, and seems brittle like an old man's pelvis.

this looks like someone with a bag on their head, or maybe a ghost yowling...seems to have a confused facial expression...or bemused.

first glance makes me think of a map, but the two little things on each side that are not attached to the rest of the picture loook like little guys who have fallen backwards off their chairs...but the chairs look sort of like a couple of old ladies sitting down facing each other with the blob between them maybe being a table of sorts.

this one makes me think of a horsehoe crab....or a squashed insect.

this looks like a chicken facing me with its wings outspread only it has a butterfly head.i think its trying to tell me that i should get a job soon.

the top of this seems like a boat propeller....upon further inspection the top of this looks like a grave stone or a tall monument with the bottom of it being the shadow cast by bright lights behind it.

this one looks like two kids hiding something behind each of their backs....puckered for a kiss. the one on the right is the girl, but they have the same hairdo.

the two bears on either side of the image are climbing from a lower world to an upper world. there is only room for one of them at the top though. the upper world and the lower world are connected by a thin umbilical cord.

alien dracula i think. eyes widely placed. not very intelligent. fetal alcohol syndrome.

a fossil found in the river of an ancient crab. it has amosquito head. that is all.

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