Friday, March 6, 2009


Proscriptor is the enigmatic drummer/vocalist of the legendary Texas occult metal band, Absu. Proscriptor took time from his busy schedule as one of the most mind-blowing drummers in the universe, father, and all around noble and gracious man, in order to take the Rorschach test for Blot Und Eisen. Here are his replies:

Kether (Pluto)

Chokmah (Neptune)

Binah (Saturn)

Chesed (Jupiter)

Geburah (Mars)

Tiphareth (Sun)

Netzach (Venus)

Hod (Mercury)

Yesod (Luna)

Malkuth (Earth)

To me, these look like the 10 magic(k)al emanations or Sephiroth. These are energies far away from the "formative world."

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