Friday, March 6, 2009


John Haughm is the guitarist/singer/mastermind behind the band Agalloch. John took some time out from writing the next Agalloch album and wandering through the woods in order to take the Rorschach test for Blot Und Eisen. Here are his replies:

A wild boar with four eyes and an attitude.

A very lonely abominable snow creature, crooning into the night.

Two people fighting over a head.

An animal skin rug

A seen from another bird.

The seen from inside a shallow grave.

Two siamese twin elephant embryos trying to escape each other

A monk with a musk ox skull on his chest

A goat head backpack

A sort of intergalactic crab lord.


  1. haha, "intergalactic crab lord"

  2. I think he looks like an evil duck, wearing a fur coat, and he's standing on two cowboy splayed legs. (That's just in the middle) Then he's ripping apart one of those Georgia O'Keefe vole ox heads painting thingys.