Thursday, April 16, 2009


Mirai is the founding member of Japan's best and longest running avant garde metal bands, Sigh. Not only did he so graciously take time from creating masterful infidel art to take the test, he also included handy links (click on the answer) to better show you what he saw in the blots. Here' are his replies:
Three birds.
Two women gathering around the pot. The fire is inside the pot.
A guy on the motorcycle seen from the front.
Two Rabbits In The Bush
Frozen coffee cup and its saucer.
The grapes.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Trey Spruance is best known for his work with Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, The Secret Chiefs, and Asva, but did you also know that he is an incredibly nice and generous man who took time away from traversing the cosmos, and commiserating with ancient astral beings to take the Rorschach test?

the pelvis bone of a Siamese twin

a bearded tree stump singing his part in the forest choir

two lanky fire-ritual celebrants beating the same drum

the town sheriff (19th century) impaled on a spike (ground view looking up)

an overconfident grasshopper doing a burlesque featherdance

an Orthodox Church

two female rockabilly fans dancing

the Tree of Life in some unknown Native American conception

the black sheepskin rug in front of my fireplace

oh, those excitable hippies at Burning Man

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Michael IX Williams is the frontman for the influential band EYEHATEGOD. He is also an accomplished poet, his book Cancer as a Social Activity is equal parts Baudelaire and Harmony Korine. Michael took time from his hectic life to take the Rorschach Test for Blot Und Eisen.

Two Grim Reapers fighting mid-flight over a skinned and headless goat carcass.

Two decadent, tattered robe wearing, cigarette smoking acrocephalics playing patty-cake.

Highly electro-magnified dust mite in a cheap motel.

Bug's eye view of a cowboy with a Stegosaurus tail at a shootout.

Mutant Moth-man without any proper prophecy to speak of.

Exploding sepulchre with cross monument at top.

Beard of a sideshow pharmacist on display in East Cambodia.

Battered insect helmet made of chrome, thread, and wire mesh.

The Hideous Sun Demon crossbred with the original She-Creature.

Prehistoric sawfish crushed after suicidal dive off of 18th floor high rise, then ran over by an eighteen wheeler.

Friday, March 6, 2009


John Haughm is the guitarist/singer/mastermind behind the band Agalloch. John took some time out from writing the next Agalloch album and wandering through the woods in order to take the Rorschach test for Blot Und Eisen. Here are his replies:

A wild boar with four eyes and an attitude.

A very lonely abominable snow creature, crooning into the night.

Two people fighting over a head.

An animal skin rug

A seen from another bird.

The seen from inside a shallow grave.

Two siamese twin elephant embryos trying to escape each other

A monk with a musk ox skull on his chest

A goat head backpack

A sort of intergalactic crab lord.


Digestor is the singer/guitarist of cult Creepsylvanian Gore-obsessed thrashers, Ghoul. He so graciously took time from digesting to take the Rorschach test. Here' are his replies:

Ink blot

Blot of ink

Inky smear

Drops of ink pressed between the folded halves of a piece of paper

Embarrassing stain

Hard to clean mess

Baby diaper

Dirty tablecloth

Leaky oil pan

This one looks like me and my mother having violent sex while my dad watches and jerks off